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LIVE FM, a unit under the EIB Network, which has the niche for providing content for the urban youth, stormed the Koforidua Technical University (KTU) with its thrilling ‘Campus Dey Pap’ event.

The Accra-based radio station whose audience are mainly the youth and especially tertiary students has over the years organised campus events to thrill its audience on the various campuses across Ghana with an entertaining event dubbed ‘ Campus Dey Pap’.

‘Campus Dey Pap’ last year was on UPSA, UG, GTUC, TTUC, GIMPA and a host of other campuses. This year the first ‘Campus Dey Pap’ train landed on Koforidua Technical University campus last Saturday, April 6, 2019, to thrill the station’s cherished audience.

The atmosphere at KTU’s ceremonial grounds was ecstatic with over 2,000 people, most of whom students, filling the event ground.

Live FM, KTU SRC partnership

The event, which was organised by Live FM in collaboration with the KTU SRC, started at 8:00 p.m last Saturday with the SRC’s pageantry show to find the face of KTU. This curtain raiser propelled the DJs of the Live FM crew, especially DJ Lord, to set up for the main event.

Three hours after the pageantry show, DJ Lord took his turn to rock the stage with everyone in their party groove and jamming to his selections while the crowd prepared for the artistes billed for the night.

With the huge turnout that KTU ‘Campus Dey Pap’ received and the satisfactory performances dished out by the artistes billed, the organisers pondered for a second coming.


The Campus Dey Pap at KTU commenced with performances from some campus artistes and DJs. For instance, DJ Slimbeast gave the audience some great selections. DJ Lord followed it with the official opening of the show with his usual dose of captivating selections.

Tulenkey was the first artiste to mount the stage to perform his popular songs, especially ‘Proud Fuck Boys’, which was the crowd’s favourite. They sang along while some young lads who were believed to have come from the secondary schools around became the centre of attraction due to their dancing moves and energy.

Expectations went up, everyone was eager to see who was next and up-stepped one of the great artistes from the ‘Ground Up Crew’, Kwesi Slay. He came on the stage looking tired and shy but he did immensely well with his performance without any verbal complaints as he left the stage for the next artiste.

When Slay left the stage another new artiste, Phrame, mounted it exhibiting his rap skills from his recently released song ‘Stay Real’ or ‘Stay Away’ and also performed his song dubbed ‘Amen’.

A group of artistes who are based in the school, called Xend de moni, also wowed the audience with some of the popular songs which most of the students sang along while those who didn’t know the songs watched on with others dancing to the tune.

Some underground artistes also mounted the stage but one artiste whose lines remained fresh and interesting in the minds of the gathering is Network. The energetic young man mounted the stage with a song dubbed ‘Boys Ay3 Hye’, and before he could continue his next lyrics, there was disruption of power and his performance was, however, cut short.

Regardless of the situation, the crowd still remained charged until power was restored when DJ Lord cheered the crowd up with his awesome selections before Sefa, one of the artistes signed on to Black Avenue Musik, followed suit.

Sefa came on stage with her usual antics and her performance attracted stage persons in the crowd to join her on stage to dance. Sefa entertained the crowd with her songs ‘Odo yewu’ and ‘Pepper’.

DJ Lord took his turn and served the audience with some great mixes before Teephlow took the stage. Teephlow was considered the headliner act who replaced EL.

Teephlow gave the crowd his best and he threw lots of shades to his ‘rivals’ in the music game. On stage, he called himself the best and therefore deserves the best artiste crown.

The scary snake

Interestingly, while Teephlow was on the stage dropping some of his heavy bars, one of the bars attracted a snake to appear from the crowd. This was scary but the audience were still loyal to support him to the end.

Teephlow was the last artiste and he ended with a memory of a snake appearing during his performance. The crowd enjoyed his performances and yearned to be excited again but he thanked the crowd and left the stage at 4: 00 a.m.

All in all, KTU Campus Dey Pap was terrific and interestingly audience did not hear the usual fill in lines of artiste on stage like ‘Menti oh’, ‘Pegya won sa’, ‘Ose den’ and a whole others.


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