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Live 91.9 FM Presenter Antoine Mensah has earned a nomination at the 2019 Ghana Entertainment Awards USA.

The host of the drive time show ‘Route919‘ on the Ring Road-based radio station was nominated in the ‘Radio Personality – Male’ category.

Joel Orleans, Erskine White, Elvis Crystal, Dr. Pounds, Brown Berry and Lexis Bill are the other nominees.

The awards scheme honours artists, industry professionals, and honorees that demonstrate excellence and significant accomplishments in the Music, Arts & Entertainment fields.

The awards will be held on June 29, 2019 in New York City, United States of America.

Antoine Mensah’s radio journey personifies what it means for someone’s career to come full circle.

Mensah’s career started in 2010 hosting 233Live, an entertainment magazine show on Saturdays on the then VIBE 91.9 FM which is now LIVE FM. He hosted the show for some two years.

During his stay at the station, he was asked to sit-in for the regular host of Traffic Jam (the station’s drive show). His performance impressed Station Executives who gave him the job as the regular host of the show.

He hosted the station’s flagship show whilst studying for his first degree at the University of Ghana.

“I had the liberty of learning on the job which I did because I was passionate about it, going in and out. I got a lot of negative comments but I loved where I was, the room it gave me developed my talent and the opportunities it brought my way.” reminisces Mensah.

In 2013, Micheal Cooke, owner of VIBE FM agreed on a partnership with Dream Holdings, leading to a name change to LIVE FM. The new team relocated from Ring Road Central (Pyramid House) to Tesano (Dream Holdings Building).

Mensah stayed on as a member of the ‘new’ station, hosting a number of the station’s flagship shows. He won ‘Worker of the Year’ during the station’s end-of-year-awards in 2014.

When EIB Network took over the management of the station in early 2015, he was one of the talents asked to stay on by the new owners.

In July 2016, he was appointed Programmes Director of the station.

Mensah currently hosts Route919, the station’s Drive show on weekdays.


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