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A special audit of the accounts of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), supervised by the Auditor General, has alleged that a total of GH¢ 2,339,272.79 is yet to be fully accounted for.

The audit was conducted on the accounts of the organisation from 2012 to 2016 as a result of agitations from some members who demanded to know the financial health of GHAMRO.

A summary of the report requested that handover notes for the period of stewardship spanning from 2014 to 2016 be submitted to the Auditor General.

According to the report, an amount of GH¢2,113,803.93, made up of bank transfers and several withdrawals including cash made from banks with little or no details for the period 2012 to 2014, is yet to be accounted for.

The report further indicated that there were shortages of monies collected and lodged on behalf of GHAMRO, totaling GH¢ 147,814.86.

An amount of GH¢ 22,500.00 for financial assistance and medical support purportedly made to members were also allegedly without relevant supporting documents.

The report also alleged that imprest of GH¢ 22,445.00 recorded as daily transportation and fuel allowance was without Board approval.

The report requested for an account of sitting allowances of GH¢11,579.00 and GH¢ 4,910.00 for the Board and other Committee Members, respectively. The monies were paid in 2012.

It also stated that an amount of GH¢9,150.00 was directly withdrawn as protocol payments without any supporting documents and a further GH¢7,070 to persons whose identities and relations to the organisation were not known through petty cash vouchers.

At a press briefing on Thursday by the current Board and Management of GHAMRO at the Copy Right Office, Chairman of the Board, Mr Rex Omar, who announced details of the report, said his team had been able to retrieve a Toyota Sequoia vehicle which was the subject of GH¢55,000.00 withdrawal without due authorisation from the Board.


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