I’m Not Feeling Akufo-Addo’s Change In My Pocket – Edem

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Though the current administration is priding itself of doing a lot that is bettering the lives of Ghanaians, Ghanaian rapper, Edem born Denning Edem Hotor has revealed he is yet to experience the change President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo promised in his pocket.

“I am not impressed with how things are happening in my pocket. I want to feel something in my pocket because I am not really feeling it”, he told Lexis Bill when asked if he has any word for the President and his Economic Management Team.

He proposed they create an atmosphere for young people who want to go into business to be encouraged in order to fend for themselves.

“One thing I like to say is that they should create an atmosphere for young people who want to do business to be encouraged…I think that for me is key. Like for example, the process that someone who does not know people to register business is tedious and he might want to give up”, he said.

The musician also noted that finding money for business startups is very difficult under the current dispensation adding “they should create an environment where these young people will be interested in creating their own jobs”

Asked to rate the performance of the government two years in office, he bemoaned the increasing process of goods and services saying it has a toll on Ghanaians.


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