Yvonne Nelson’s relationship with Baby Daddy over!

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It’s the end of the road for the relationship between actress Yvonne Nelson and her baby daddy, London-based Fashion Photographer, Jamie Roberts.

A trusted contact disclosed to livefmghana.com that the relationship ended months ago. A second person with intimate knowledge of the former couple’s relationship confirmed it is over.

Irreconcilable differences is said to be the reason for the break-up.

Nelson and Roberts dated for about a year and half, and are parents to seven-month old, Ryn Roberts.

In a 2018 interview, she spoke about the decision to start a family with Roberts:  “Someone proposed and I didn’t even marry him. I felt like okay this is the right guy I can start something with,” explained Nelson to Blakk Rasta on Zylofon FM.

The ‘Heels and Sneakers’ actress is yet to publicly speak on the end of her relationship.

Editor’s Note

That’s usually her go-to tactic when she wants to protect her ‘privacy’ – her ‘surrogates’ talk on her behalf

Belinda Dzattah, a member of her loyal ‘entourage’ denied a July 2017 livefmghana.com report about Nelson’s pregnancy. She called the report a case of “haters” making up a story because they had nothing to say in an interview with JOY NEWS’ MzGee.

Dzattah was one of the people who posted a Magazine cover showing the pregnant belly of Nelson on Instagram on the latter’s birthday.

Nelson is a notorious liar, and swears by a privacy code when it suits her.

She claimed during interviews after the birth of her daughter that she didn’t deny or confirm the pregnancy reports because she wanted it to be a private situation.

Weeks after her birth, a magazine cover featuring shots of a pregnant Nelson was released. The actress shared the photos via her Social Media accounts with lots of obvious excitement. She recently also covered Agoo Magazine with her daughter.

A series about her pregnancy and mother with her and daughter as main characters currently airs in Africa movie streaming channel, IRokoTV.

Source: livefmghana/com/91.9FM/Ghana/


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