I Use Lilwin’s Fame To Sleep With A Lot Of Fine Girls – Apuzo Lele Lilwin’s Brother

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Kumawood actor, Lilwin’s brother, Apuzo Lele has revealed in an interview with Inside Prime TV that he has been using Lilwin’s fame to bang beautiful Ghanaian girls.

Apuzo Lele on how he gets these beautiful Ghanaian girls to bang even though he is ugly and not a celebrity, he revealed that he capitalises on the desperation of these beautiful girls wanting to have a personal interaction with his famous brother, Lilwin to bang them before linking them up to him. 

On the question of how many girls he has chopped using Lilwin’s fame, he answered that the girls are too many to the extent that he cannot give the exact figure ─ meaning, he has chopped a lot of girls with Lilwin’s celebrity status.

He also revealed that Lilwin became a primary school dropout after he was repeated in class six but for him, he was able to complete Junior High School.


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