Eight arrested for planning new state out of Ghana

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Eight persons believed to be the leaders of a group called Homeland Study Group Foundation have been arrested. 

The group aims at seceding from Ghana to declare an independent country called Western Togoland.

The arrest was made Sunday, May 5 in the course of a meeting to finalize arrangements to declare independent Western Togoland on May 9, 2019.

The arrest was made by a team of intelligence agencies including the police and the military.

Items including a constitution, national emblem and anthem prepared by the group for their proposed country were retrieved from them.

It was also alleged that the group has illegally recruited and trained militia ready to form the core of their proposed country’s army and police forces.

A statement signed by Assistant Superintendent at the Police Public Affairs Department Simon Tenku urged the public to report any suspicion or wrongdoing to the police for action.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana


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