Junka Town Was Produced With Less Than GH₵ 30 – Too Much

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Too much explained in an interview with Fante Quoo On Inside Prime Page that  Junka town which hit the screens of Ghana few years ago was produced with less than GH₵ 30.

He said “Many production house down here in the western region just lie to people and take their money in the name of audition and later do not produce any movie to the public. We did Junka Town out of frustration and with the look of things around us”.

He added “all the productions that we did was less than GH₵ 30 because everyone who was on set had nothing doing and even the director was happy directing even tho he wasn’t been paid. After we did Junka town we didn’t premier it anywhere or did not do any poster for it but God did his wonders to make Junker Town a big movie”

Many directors are known for not treating actors well, he ended by saying if am shooting for my director I can go hungry the whole day but if you request for my service and you think you won’t give me food or treat me right whiles am on set I will pick my bag and go home.


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