Shatta Wale Caused it All – Kwame Sefa Kayi

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Ghanaian Radio Broadcaster Kwame Sefa Kayi In An interview on UTV explained to the host of Adekye nsroma that Dancehall Artiste Shatta Wale caused it all with the misunderstanding at the current ended VGMA.

He said “there is an evolution of music and even tho Dancehall is not a Ghanaian genre it can’t be ignored because it part of Ghanaian music tradition and culture. If I was in authority I would let them sign a bond of good behavior for 3 years, they won’t have the lances to a gun for the next 5 years if you fail any of this you will be jailed for 2 years”.

Kwami Sefa Kayi also known as Chairman General is an award-winning Ghanaian media personality, broadcast journalist and public speaker. He is currently the host of Peace FM’s morning show popularly known as “Kokrokoo”. He was the host of the just ended VGMA. He added “If Shatta wale had not come to the stage all this would have not happened he could have stood up to clap for Stonebwoy as he was announced the winner, stonebwoy should have not pulled a gun when it all started, they both at fault. When such things happen people do not speak out of their minds but their heart”.


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