I am the Best Artiste from the Western Region – KWABENA LYTA

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Kwabena Lyta is a multi-linguist artiste from Sefwi. In a Phone in interview with MATIC LIVE he confirmed that he is the best artiste to come from the Western Region.
He said “I am the best to come from sefwi because I won the best hip life song of the year this year. Even tho the two categories I fell in had the lives of Famey3, DopeNation and Ayesem I won Best Hip life song of the year”.
He added “I have been nominated two times before this year and I won, my fan base out here believe in my work and they voted for me that was a magic to me”
Kwabena Lyta is set to drop a new tune titled BLESS ME on 21st September 2019. He featured one of current Ghana’s trending talent.


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