Self Discovery By W.A Seli

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Self Discovery is the journey of knowing your inna self,potentials and purposes.

“A step to knowing who you are today is a step to knowing what you can or will be tomorrow”


Who am I?

What do I want in life?

What purpose do I serve ?

What defines me?

What makes me happy?

Thinking about these questions for seconds, most of your answers will be “no” or “don’t really know” .

you are not alone,if this is true

Whiles being happy about Your current life,you may also not be happy about some parts.

Your dissatisfaction may be an indication that you have got things about your life that are unresolved.

You may already ve above 40years old,but it’s possible you don’t know your self.

After all, you’ve been very busy over the years. A great proportion of your time has been spent on working long hours, slaving away in a job and filling your days with back-t0-back activities. Your mind is just too preoccupied with things to do. Running on the treadmill of life has its toll.

There are negative consequences from not knowing yourself well.  There comes a time when you would start to wonder more about why you are here in this existence.

And when you look deeper, you realise that you have not gotten much fulfilment from your work even though that’s the area that you’ve spent the most time in. You also see that you have NO clear idea of who you are, what you like and where to go from here. The lack of awareness can impact you not just emotionally or mentally but also spiritually. 

Also, by not being clear about what your core values, beliefs and goals are, you are likely to have allowed your emotions and decisions to be externally dictated. Hence, instead of making an independent decision, you’ve adopt the values, core beliefs and opinions of your friends, colleagues or parents, as your own. Thus, you would have no clue about what your personal boundaries are, even if they have been violated. Sadly, while others could count on you for support, you are not sure that you can count on yours for yourself.

The environment in which you live your life may or can also impose a life on you which will make you believe that’s who you are (imaging that young boy family and friends call a thief or shallow minded person may remain notorious if care or God of Destiny did not step in

Make A date with me and watch this space this Wednesday 2nd October and subsequent Wednesdays , as I honourable W.A Seli Take you through few Steps that will assist you know your self (Self Discovery) and other important topics of interest.

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